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In the world of construction often times you are presented with challenges that take what you though would be a wam-bam-thank-you-ma’am deal and turn it into a rigorous decathlon of other-worldly posturing, bending, and compromising in order to get to the end game. Most often it’s after the job has already started and you have to do some crafty communicating and maneuvering in order to correct for unforeseen problems or address a lack of specification in your bid for a certain element of the job.

But how do you cross the finish line if you haven’t arrived at the race?

Imagine you’re a first-time business or home owner and your project has just gone from fantastical dreaming to boots on the ground over the course of an afternoon lunch. All of a sudden you have to hire designers, architects, and mechanical engineers. You have to establish your business, its officers, its rules and principles.

You have to make it run.

It’s times like these that I see an opportunity to think larger than what my job is. To create the space for things to be easier and more friendly for my potential client and also win their hearts- which is what we truly need to do as marketers, and as business professionals. Gone are the days of showing up and relying on your job description to carry you through the day. Consumers demand exceptional experiences. They know their value and understand their options. And if you’re lucky enough that they don’t- that’s a golden opportunity to show them why they should choose you!

Take these moments and utilize your network to help create better opportunities for your clients and ultimately yourself. Think of it this way: If you haven’t reached the race yet, you can’t possibly hope to finish.

So get to the race!

Here are some common situations and gestures you can offer to help your client out in times of need.

  1. Your client backed out of or lost a bid on a property you hoped to develop
    1. Connect them with a new broker within your network who you trust
  2. Your client has a dream to renovate but isn’t sure how to articulate it
    1. Recommend designers within your network who have expertise in their area
    2. Make recommendations on design from previous projects with similar problems
  3. A potential client has selected another contractor but has other projects in the pipeline
    1. Offer to meet with them in person for lunch. Put a face to the voice (or email) and show them why you’re the one they should choose
  4. You’re presented with feelings of hesitation or the jitters just before signing
    1. Reassure your client by displaying empathy for their situation
    2. Go over the next steps with them so they feel confident in the plan
    3. Detail why they’re making a sound choice in your abilities
  5. The client feels like something is missing or hidden from them
    1. As we discussed in my previous post– Communication is key!
    2. Ensure your scope of work has been properly detailed and make sure both parties understand who is responsible for what
    3. Create the environment for your client to feel completely open to talking to you. Never dismiss an opportunity to interact with your client.

Hopefully with these tips in mind you can take that sensitive situation and convert it to a race worth running. Remember, your clients understand the value they bring to you, it’s our jobs to bring more value to them! Create a unique and memorable experience, communicate effectively and often, make valuable connections for them and most importantly do what you can to show them they’re not alone and you know how they feel.

At SD Design Construction we pride ourselves in creating great customer experiences for our clients. As a women-owned and operated business for more than 10 years, we bring that touch to the table to allow our partners in construction realize their dreams and charge toward their future success by building them a solid foundation to stand on.

To learn more about us and how we’re helping to shape our client’s futures visit us online at or connect with us on social media via Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Subscribe to our Blog.


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